Welcome to the Total E-Call support page. We've grouped the sections to help you easily get the answers you need.  If you can't find what you're looking for, please ask,  we try and answer every question.

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Top 15 Frequently Asked Questions

We save your email address as part of the project. We don't save the password and if you are using GMail, we never see your password. We don't give out your email addresses to anyone.

No. We don't have the equipment. We create the PDF that you can then print yourself on your own printer or send to a publisher for them to print. We have used both "Shop My Book" and "Lulus". To publish a hard bound 400 page book in black and white will cost around $35. That does not include the $12.95 for the project code to remove the watermark from the PDF.

You get a project code. This code will remove the annoying "Do Not Print" watermark from the PDF.

No. You must purchase a code for each project.

Well, otherwise people would download all bajillion emails and call it one project. If you want to print it yourself, you can, although we have to limit the number of pages for that as well due to constraints of the trasformation software, the maximum pages is just higher.
We try and keep the project code price reasonable, but if you think the price is too high, contact us and we can work something out (but don't expect us to give it away for free - we have to eat to).

Google doesn't allow us to connect directly to their email servers. They use a web authorization method (known as "oauth") that requires us to ask for permission and then for you to OK it. It's more secure than just a username and password, in fact, we never see your username and password.

If pictures are stored in the email as "in-line" pictures rather than attachments, they won't show up when using the Total E-Call formatting. You can select to use the emails original formatting for that email (see tutorials).

Sometimes when emails are sent with html formatting, the images aren't actually sent, they are just linked too on a server somewhere. This saves on the size of the emails that get sent out. Unfortunately, some of those pictures eventually get removed from or moved to new servers and are therefore no longer available to see.

You can print it, get it published, send it to friends and family and upload it to your electronic devices. Just enjoy it !

No.  You can change the project over and over and the code will still be valid.

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