Our Application

We're proud to announce "Total E-Call" ! Our flagship product. It allows you to download and save your emails into a PDF (Portable Document Format), which then can be printed, published or uploaded and read on different electronic devices. 

4 Easy Steps:

1. Install the application

Download and install EmailsToBooks' Total E-Call application. It's Free !

2. Use the wizard to download and format your emails

Using the Wizard, you can which emails to download, but don't worry if you pick too many, you can exclude them when formatting the project.

3. Export the Project

Once you are satisfied with your creation, order a "Project Code" and export it to a PDF. The project codes are just $12.95 !

4. Print or Publish

You can print your PDF your self, or have a publisher print and bind it for you. You can also upload and read the PDF on most electronic devices.

A little insight about our software

We wrote  this application so that we could save emails to and from our children out of state. We're still working on the site and the program so any "constructive" criticism would be welcome.

Peru - 2012
Thailand - 2008



Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~ From the television show The Wonder Years

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